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Поставка и внедрение контрольно-измерительного, испытательного и весового оборудования
Многоточечный силоизмерительный комплекс FlexiForce MELF

Многоточечный силоизмерительный комплекс FlexiForce MELF

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Многоточечный силоизмерительный комплекс FlexiForce MELF
Многоточечный силоизмерительный комплекс FlexiForce MELFПод заказ, 45 дней
Цену уточняйте
  • +375 (17) 235-39-57
  • +375 (29) 629-74-25
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  • +375 (17) 235-39-57
  • +375 (29) 629-74-25
  • +375 (29) 761-76-27

FlexiForce® Multi-Handle (MELF) System

The Multi-Handle ELF™ Force Measurement system includes: Windows-compatible software, enabling multipoint measurements and (1) USB interface data acquisition handle. Three FlexiForce® B201 sensors are also included; one for each of the following force ranges: Low 11 N (0-25 lb.), Medium 667 N (0-150 lb.) and High 4448 N (0-1000 lb.).


The Multi-Handle ELF (MELF) System ships with 1 Handle. Additional Handles are available as an option. Select the number of Handles required. Prices will be added upon checkout.

  • 1-4 additional Handles: $400.00 each.
  • 5-9 additional Handles: $380 each.
  • 10-15 additional Handles: $360 each


To purchase Handles separately from the MELF system, contact us at info@tekscan.com or call (617) 464-4283.


For more detailed information on the Multi-Handle ELF System, including how to set it up and take force measurements, please download the ELF User Manual.

Physical Properties of the B201 Sensor

Thickness:  0.203 mm (0.008 in.)

Length:  228.6 mm (9 in.) End-to-end

Width:  14 mm (.55 in.)

Active sensing area:  9.53 mm (0.375 in.) Diameter

Connector:  Custom interface to ELF Data Acquisition System

Substrate: Polyester (ex: Mylar)

Recommended Max Force


Max Force (High Gain)

Max Force (Low Gain)

B201 ― L

4.4 N (0 ― 1 lb)

111 N (0 ― 25 lb)

B201 ― M 

111 N (0 ― 25 lb)  

667 N (0 ― 150 lb)

B201 ― H  

667 N (0 ― 150 lb)          

4448 N (0 ― 1,000 lb)


(Adjustable gain feature of the ELF System allows you to set force ranges)


Typical Performance


Linearity (Error):   < ±3% (Line drawn from 0 to 50% load)

Repeatability:   < ±2.5% of Full Scale (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)

Hysteresis:   < 4.5 % of Full Scale (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)

Drift:   < 5% / logarithmic time (Constant Load of 90% sensor rating)

Response Time:  < 5 µsec (Time required for the sensor to respond to an input force; Impact load ― recorded on Oscilloscope)

Operating Temperature:   -40°C ― 60°C (-40°F ― 140°F)*

* Force reading change per degree of temperature change = ±0.36%/ºC (0.2%/ºF)


Standard MELF Software Features

  • Adjustable gain (lets you fine-tune the desired force range)
  • Real-time graphic displays in strip chart, column graph, or digital readout
  • Data retrieval and playback
  • Ability to store and retrieve calibration files
  • Internal triggering
  • Sampling rates up to 200 Hz
  • High-Speed version available, up to 6,000 Hz
  • ASCII Output
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8, XP and Vista

*ELF handles starting with serial number 125 (see back of handle) are not compatible with ELF software 4.3 and above. Newer ELF handles starting with serial number 126 are only compatible with ELF software 4.3 and above.

Optional Software Features

More advanced features are available upon request, such as:

  • High Speed Data Acquisition: five different speeds from 200 Hz-6000 Hz

Data Acquisition Electronics


Residing within the plastic ELF handle is the data acquisition hardware with USB connection. This patented interface ensures optimal performance of our FlexiForce sensors. The simple insertion of a FlexiForce sensor yields a powerful measurement tool.

Our patented electronics allow you to optimize the performance of the ELF system over a selected force/load range. The electronics adjust the device sensitivity to best fit the dynamic range of the specific application. This allows you to "fine tune" our single element sensors for optimal performance. Designed to be user friendly, simple calibration procedures can deliver accuracies of ± 5%. More controlled procedures can reach an accuracy level of ±3%. The ELF's innovative electronics provide high quality signals at distances of up to 30 feet from the PC.


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